The BIOMEDICINE DEPARTMENT focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular basis of human diseases and advancing the implementation of new diagnostic and treatment methods. Our groups actively investigate cell organelle dynamics, intracellular signaling mechanisms involved in chemoresistance or metastasis, and new targets for antibody or inhibitor therapies in various hematological and solid tumors. We also develop approaches to modulate the immune and inflammatory response to combat multiple diseases and infections, both chronic and acute. In addition, we also focus on characterizing the genetic basis and mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative, mitochondrial, and other rare diseases also offering an opportunity for new treatments, such as drug repurposing. Model systems used by our groups include cellular and animal disease models, patient cells, and tissues. Our methods encompass genomics, epigenomics and proteomics, gene editing, multidimensional flow cytometry, advanced microscopy, image analysis, computational tools and simulations, and pioneering in vitro cellular configurations such as flow and microfluidic platforms and intracellular nanodevices. Several groups of the department also participate in CSIC multicenter initiatives such as the Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform "Global Health" ( and the "Cancer Hub" (