Science plays an essential role in maintaining a stable and sustainable economy and for the proper development of countries. However, society and citizens in general do not always have an understandable access to scientific and technological advances, nor how these contribute to improving their quality of life. In this context, the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas is very aware of the importance of bringing science and its achievements closer to the non-specialized public, to explain its advances, its potential and, also, its limitations.


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Internal Events

Towards this objective, the CIB developes and participates in multiple dissemination projects that allow us to bring our work closer to a general public, with a special focus on high school students, as we consider that they are the basis of the future Society.


Opening the gate of a research center goes beyond showing large specialized equipment but seeks to explain how we work, what are our motivations and objectives, how we use the resources that are invested in science and how these results can revert to Society.

Guided tours, dedicated mainly to schools and institutes, but also open to the general public, have a great acceptance and are requested throughout the year. For more information, contact direcció

"Science Week" is one of the most important scientific dissemination events in Europe, aimed at citizen participation and organized in Madrid, through the Madri+d Foundation. More information (in Spanish):

* Activities organized by Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas during the "Science Week" 2017: link.


CIB collaborates with this project developed by Vicepresidencia de Cultura Científica del CSIC, offering guided visits to relevant scientific facilities. More information (in Spanish):


This program, organized by the Comunidad de Madrid, aims to bring students to the workplace through stays of one week in companies and scientific institutions, with the intention of approaching the education system and the work environment. More information (in Spanish):


The finalists of the Spanish Biology Olympiad are welcomed to CIB for a week, as a reward for their effort and the high grade obtained in the test, bringing them closer to research, and promoting the study of Biology and related areas. More information (in Spanish):

External Events

In the priority line of our commitment to the Society, we think that it is necessary to move initiatives there where the citizens are, and organize events outside our center, in the informal setting provided by cafeterias, bars or other locations, which allow us to reach a different and broader public to whom scientists report current issues favoring the generation of debates.

With this idea in mind, CIB staff members organize or are involved in several projects which are detailed herein:


Facebook: /JamScienceDivulgacionCientifica/ 

* Tuesday April 23rd, 19:30h - "El azúcar en los alimentos: evidencias, mitos y verdades a medias", Dr. Jara Pérez Jiménez (ICTAN-CSIC)



* Wednesday April 10th, 19:00h - "Neuroeducación sí, pero basada en la evidencia", Dr. Cristina Balbás (Escuelab)



* Friday April 26th, 19:30h - "Fractales, la arruga es bella", Dr. Juan Carlos Gil


Several researchers participate in this scientific dissemination project, promoted by CSIC and Obra Social "la Caixa", whose purpose is that the inhabitants of towns far from large urban centers get to know first-hand the latest scientific and technological news. More information (in Spanish): and


Ciencia con Chocolate

Desde mi torre de marfil

Cuéntame de Ciencia (blog associated to the MCIB Master)


Contributions in the Collection “Qué sabemos de…”. Coordinated by CSIC y the Publishing House Libros de la Catarata.

El Alzheimer, Ana Martínez Gil. More information (in Spanish): link

El Parkinson, Carmen Gil Ayuso-Gontan & Ana Martínez Gil. More information (in Spanish): link

Cómo se fabrica un medicamento, María del Carmen Fernández-Alonso & Nuria E. Campillo Martín. More information (in Spanish): link


Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas keeps relationships with:

Educative Institutions, giving talks addressed to students in schools/high schools. Special mention deserves the collaboration with the Institutional Delegation of the CSIC in Madrid, which coordinates the offer of talks within the Educative System in this Community. More information:

Patient Associations, such as  Retina España, FUNDELA, Fundación Luzón, adELA.

Scientific Societies, such us SEFAGIA, SEBBM, RSEQ, SEBIOT, SEM, SBE, SEBC, AEC, SEG, EuChemS, AEDEM, etc.


Outreach Calendar

This section will include specific events related with scientific dissemination which are celebrated at CIB, organized by our researchers outdoors or with the participation of a member of our staff.

  • Charla con el CSIC en Oviedo. Ciclo de conferencias "Qué sabemos de..."- May, 21st 2019

Talk by Dr. Nuria Campillo "Cómo se fabrica un medicamento". Club de prensa asturiana de La Nueva España (Oviedo), 20:00h. More information here.

  • Ciudad Ciencia Program - March, 22nd 2019

Talk by Dr. José A. García-Sanz "¿Qué es el cáncer?". Paracuellos de Jarama (Madrid). More information here.

  • Madrid WOMAN'S WEEK - "La mujer como transformadora social y digital" - March, 14th 2019

Roundtable "Científicas y Tecnólogas de AMIT: logros y retos" with the participation of Prof. Flora de Pablo. More information here.

  • Club de Prensa Asturiana - IV Semana de la Ciencia "La Nueva España" - March, 12th 2019

Talk by Dr. Enrique J. de la Rosa "La posverdad en la ciencia". More information here.

  • Colegio Virgen de Mirasierra de Madrid - Events within the 11F, International Day of Women and Girls in Science - March, 7th 2019

Talk by Dr. Valle Palomo "Cómo llegar a ser científico e historia de nacimiento de un fármaco"

  • IES Lancia (León) - Events within the 11F, International Day of Women and Girls in Science - February, 15th 2019

Talk by Dr. Teresa Suárez "Mi experiencia como bióloga de bata". More information here.

  • "Club de lectura Ciencia en el Barrio", IES Vallecas-Magerit and Centro de Mayores Puente de Vallecas - February, 18th 2019

Dr. Nuria Campillo and Carmen Fernández will talk with the attendants about their book "Cómo se fabrica un medicamento".

  • "Club de lectura Ciencia en el Barrio", IES Emilio Castelar - February, 14th 2019

Dr. Nuria Campillo and Carmen Fernández will talk with the students about their book "Cómo se fabrica un medicamento".

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science conmemoration at the School San Ramón y San Antonio - February, 13th 2019

"¿Cómo ser un fármaco y no morir en el intento?", talks by Dr. Nuria Campillo at 12 and 13h. More information here.

  • "Qué sabemos de... El parkinson", "Navidades Científicas del Gobierno de Canarias" - December 13th and 14th

Talks by Dr. Carmen Gil Ayuso-Gontán in Facultad de Farmacia (Universidad de La Laguna) and IES Andrés Bello. More info here.

  • Talent Woman: "80 años de talento", Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (FYCMA) - 30 November-1 December 2018

With the participation of Prof. Flora de Pablo. More info here.

  • "El Alzheimer", Charla con el CSIC en Salamanca y Segovia (Salamanca) - 30 November 2018

Talk by Prof. Ana Martínez. More information here.