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Opportunities through Public Aids





Contratos "JAE intro ICU 2021", Agencia Estatal de Investigación.

  • Date of publication

July 19, 2021

  • Application period: 

15 business days from the date of publication

JAEIntro-2021-CIB-01. Micro/nano dispositivos de silicio para el estudio de funciones celulares. Information available here.

  • Provisional list of admitted and excluded (August 10, 2021): download it here.
  • Definitive list of admitted and excluded (August 25, 2021): download it here.
  • Concession resolution (August 26, 2021): download it here.


Other job offers

PTI Global Health together with the CIB's Flow Cytometry Facility is searching for a candidate to put into operation spectral technology cytometry equipment.

  • More details (in Spanish) here.
  • Application deadline: September 4, 2021.