20 Sep 2017
As part of it, Dr. Flora de Pablo publishes "Retos y rotos," an opinion piece on the inequality of opportunities in the scientific careers of men and women
03 Aug 2017
The three-dimensional structure of a protein that is a key element in the process of horizontal gene transfer has been solved
28 Jul 2017
The efficiency of blocking replication forks at the ribosomal DNA of the yeast depends on the abundance of a specific protein: Fob1
26 Jul 2017
The project, named DRIVE, focuses on driving next generation autophagy researchers towards translation
24 Jul 2017
Elevated factor H-related protein 1 and factor H pathogenic variants decrease complement regulation in this pathology
22 Jun 2017
A panel of amphiphilic guanidinocalixarenes has been shown to be modulators of the Toll-like receptor 4 signaling
19 Jun 2017
Age-related neurodegeneration is attenuated by anti-inflammatory convergent pathways
16 Jun 2017
It was developed on the occasion of the International Day of Plant Fascination
07 Jun 2017
Development of the disease is attributed to abnormal glycogen chain length and not hyperphosphorylation, as previously thought