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Our aim is to provide knowledge-based insights and novel tools for managing arthropods of agricultural and medical relevance. The multidisciplinary composition of the group (ecology, physiology and molecular biology) allows a holistic approach for the implementation of Integrated Pest Management strategies, a key issue to increase food security, environmental quality and public health.


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Insect resistance monitoring associated with Bt maize cultivation in the European Union. Bayer CropScience Schweiz AG. IP: Dr. Gema Pérez Farinós (2020-2025).

Tools for the sustainable use of insecticides: towards the management of resistance in pests and unintended effects on pollinators. AEI (PID2019-104578RB-100). IPs: Drs. Félix Ortego and Gema Pérez Farinós (2020-2023).

AGROFOR-Optimización de los Sistemas Agrarios y Forestales. Thematic Interdisciplinary Platform CSIC. Coordinator: Dr. Rosana Malvar (2020-2022).

Aprendiendo de la naturaleza: Interacciones multitróficas para la protección de cultivos y bosques. AEI (RED2028-102407-T).  Coordinator: Dr. Isabel Diaz (2020-2021).

Tools for proactive monitoring and management of multiple resistance in Ceratitis capitata. CICYT (AGL2016-76516-R). IPs: Drs. Félix Ortego and Pedro Hernández Crespo (2017-2020).

Allergen expression in different culture conditions for Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae. ALK-ABELLÓ, Spain. IP: Dr. Pedro Hernández Crespo (2016-2020).

Wild pollinators in extensive crops: impact of pest control practices. MINECO, DGCYT (AGL2015-64825-R). IP: Dr. Gema Pérez Farinós (2016-2020).

Survey of the frequency of the AChE G328A mutation that confers resistance to malathion in Ceratitis capitata in commercial fields. FMC Corporation. IP: Dr. Félix Ortego (2015-2017).

New generation sustainable tools to control emerging mite pests under climate change. JPI- FACCE Era Net Plus (618105). IP: Prof. Pedro Castañera (2015-2017).

Insect resistance monitoring associated with Bt maize cultivation in the European Union. Monsanto Europe SA. IP: Dr. Gema Pérez Farinós (2012-2020).


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