The interdisciplinary platform SusPlast (from the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) targets to develop research and innovation activities, including socio-educational strategies, aimed at plastic production processes and their recycling, through mechanical, chemical and biotechnological strategies to meet the necessary requirements to implement plastics management based on a circular economy.

SusPlast is a multidisciplinary platform of CSIC, integrated by biotechnologists dedicated to bioprospecting, enzymatic catalysis, biotransformation, environmental microbiology, synthetic and systems biology, and polymer biotechnology, as well as specialists in materials engineering, packaging, design of functional materials, modification of surfaces, and biomaterials and groups, specialized in pyrolysis of waste for chemical and biotechnological transformation into value-added products. Thus, SusPlast joints actually 32 expert groups working on i) engineering of new biocatalysts and biosynthetic routes for obtaining renewable building blocks as components of novel plastic polymers; ii) processing and functionalization of polymers for novel materials using eco-friendly technologies; iii) plastics degradation (also in the ocean); iv) plastic recycling; v) development of biomass-derived biopolymers; vi) advanced characterization of recycled plastics and novel bioplastics.

This platform is coordinated by Prof Auxiliadora Prieto (, co-coordinated by Dr Juan Rodríguez ( and managed by Dr Oliver Drzyzga (

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