The Flow Cytometry Service is equipped with the following falicities:



-Cytoflex-S (Beckman-Coulter). equipped with four lasers (violet, blue, yellow-green and red). This analyzert can process fifteen simultaneous signals: two scattering and thirteen fluorescence (ranging between 450 to 800 nm )

-Spectral Aurora 4L. Similar to Cytoflex but based on spectral technology, with capability for analysing simultaneously more than tirthy  fluorescent signals

2-Cell Sorter: FACSAria Fusion, (Becton-Dickinson) also equipped with four lasers (violet, blue, yellow-green and red) with the capacity to process two scattering and sixteen fluorescence signals (ranging between 450 to 800 nm) . This high-speed separation equipment incorporates the latest technological advances, having the ability to separate four populations simultaneously


-The Service has licenses for the use of the most common flow cytometry analysis applications  used in similar core facilities: FlowJo, Kaluza, Diva, Cytexpert and Flowlogic

This service is used routinely by twenty research groups. Some of the applications in analysis and / or separation that are carried out are:


-Characterization of transfectants

-Cell cycle and proliferation studies.

-Cellular death and viability assays (apoptosis and necrosis).

-Functional assays: ROS production, mitochondrial potential studies, Ca2 + fluxes, etc.

-Different types of studies with microorganisms of structural, functional o biotechnological nature (bacteria, yeasts, protozoa, etc.)


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Staff Scientists
Pedro Lastres Varo
Predoctoral Students
Rodrigo Sanchez Tajuelo
Patricia Yagüe Fernandez