The defined  scientific and technological objectives of the project are the following::

  • Characterisation of different types of recovered paper, selected and classified into categories according to production and use criteria in the Community of Madrid, with the aim of developing quality databases.

  • Development of quality prediction models for the paper to be used in the future. To accomplish this aim, it will be necessary to study the evolution of factors that affect the quality of recovered paper.

  • Reduction of energy consumption in the sector by optimising the design of stirring, mixing and pumping processes through the knowledge of the rheological behaviour of the fibre suspensions.

  • Reduction of fresh water consumption in the paper industry.

  • Development of enzymatic treatments for the elimination of disolved and colloidal material (recalcitrant stickies).

  • Development of models to predict printing quality of recycled paper.

  • Characterisation of paper wastes and sludges.

  • Re-use, obtaining of by-products and energy valorisation of paper industry wastes.