The glasshouse at CIB is located in its surrounding garden area. It consists of eight independent cubicles for the maintenance of plants, in addition to a common working and control area at its entrance. Two of the cubicles (Nos 7 and 8) are prepared and authorised for working with transgenic material at biosafety containment level 1 (resolution A/ES/05/I-11 from the former Spanish Ministry of the Environment, dated 06-03-2006). Temperature settings can be programmed independently in each cubicle, and inside the cubicle, support lighting can be independently programmed for each bench. The facility is also open to external users, conditional on availability of space.

Control of environmental parameters in the cubicles is achieved through a central heating system with radiators, four heat/cold air-condition units and ten conventional (cooling) air condition support machines.  

CIB technical personel takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the facility, as well as of general routine phytosanitary treatments and of those specifically requested by users.  Current norms of use require users to provide themselves with their own material (soil, pots, fertilizer...), that they may store in the facility, to pot and water their own plants, and to process and adequately dispose of the residues that they generate.

The glasshouse Technician is Mr. Luis Guaita Beneít




Glasshouse tariffs, 2023 (variable depending on type of user and funding source)