The CIB Cell Culture Facility gives scientific and technical support both to groups of the CIB and to external groups.
The personnel office and the general facilities of the Service are located in the basement floor, room S-29. (Ext. 442796,

Services provided

A. The possibility of working in the Cell Culture Facilities of the Center is offered under the supervision of the staff of the Service who will be in charge for the following functions:

  • Control of access.   Foto S29
  • Assignment of equipment  (laminar flow cabinets, CO2 incubators, etc.) and shifts of use / cleaning of these equipment 
  • Preventive maintenance/ cleaning of specific equipment etc.
  • Technical advice to the users who require it.
  • Permanent updating of the rules for the use of the facility and supervision of the fulfillment of these rules.


   B. Mycoplasma Testing and Elimination

      Detection techniques:

  • Co culturing the samples (cell line, supernatant, medium...) with the Vero cell line and subsequent staining with Hoechst 33258
  • PCR

      The Service carries out the mycoplasma elimination of contaminated cultures with specific antibiotics. The price will depend on the antibiotic used, the duration of the treatment and the materials used.

C. Selection of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) for the general reserve of the Center in collaboration with the CIB-Margarita Salas groups wishing to participate.

D. Maintenance of stock of cell lines in liquid nitrogen

E. Maintenance of cell lines in culture. Freezing/thawing of cells

F. Others (consult availability in the Service). Growth of hybridomas and obtaining supernatants, viability/cytotoxicity assays etc.

G. Bioenergetic Characterization of Cell Lines

The CIB has the  analysers  XF HS Mini  and XFe24 of Agilent Seahorse  that measure the oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and the extracellular acidification rate (ECAR,  an indirect measure of lactate production) of live cells in multiwell plates. These two parameters allow the study of key cellular functions such as mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis.

Equipos Seahorse Agilent CIB


Access to the equipment is offered and experiments can be performed under standard conditions and/or according to the specifications defined by the users). In addition, scientific and technical assistance can be contracted for the design of research projects and the analysis of the data generated with the XF24. Consult conditions with Dr. Eduardo Rial (Ext. 442636).






To request the performance of any of the services described above it is essential to fill out a Service Provision Form, there is a general service request form and a specific one for Bioenergetics.

Prices and conditions of each service can be consulted in the “Rates” section. External Users to the CIB-Margarita Salas, as filled out in the Application Form, will receive a Service Provision Offer that they must return signed before performing any of the services.

To use the facility, it is essential to be registered in the users´ register and confirm, by signing, that the Rules of Use of the Cultivation Rooms have been read. See "User registration/deregistration form".

 CIB users will book the flow cabinets of common use through the CIBintranet, in the reservation calendar section of the scientific services. External users will contact the Service staff to make reservations on their behalf.



New users registration form: 

Formulario registro usuarios cuartos cultivos

Resquet Form

 General Resquet Form SCCA 

 Bioenergetics Resquet Form-SCCA 



General Rates SCCA

Bioenergetics Rates SCCA