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Proteins are effectors of most physiological functions in cells and they play a key role in the extracellular medium. Protein function is finely tuned at multiple levels including synthesis and degradation, intracellular localization and posttranslational modifications. The posttranslational modification of proteins is a key mechanism for the regulation of their biological activity. Various biological mediators, including lipids and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, and also some drugs and toxins, can modify proteins posttranslationally. We are interested in the study of the importance of these processes in molecular pathophysiology and in the mechanisms of drug action. Our work includes several aspects: the structural and functional characterization of novel types of posttranslational modifications, the identification of novel protein targets for modification and the study of the pathophysiological consequences of these phenomena, mainly in the context of inflammatory and oncogenic processes.


Dolores Pérez-Sala; María  A. Pajares; Álvaro Viedma Poyatos; Silvia González Sanz


Editorial on Lipoxidation Targets in Redox Biol (image with links to articles)

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EU Project 675132 (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015). Innovative Training Network. "MASS Spectrometry TRaining network for Protein Lipid adduct Analysis". MASSTRPLAN. Oct 2015-Sept 2019.

"Proteoforms in pathophysiology and drug action: focus on intermediate filament proteins and selected drug targets" Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades RTI-2018-097624-B-I00 (cofunded FEDER).

"Protein modification by lipoxidation and drug addition: novel perspectives for exploring disease mechanisms and therapeutic strategies" MINECO SAF2015-68590-R (cofunded FEDER).

Network for the Research on Asthma, Adverse and Allergic Reactions (ARADyAL). Instituto de Salud Carlos III. RETIC RD16/0006/0021.

COST Action CA15214 EUROCELLNET "An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks"

COST Action CM1001 "Chemistry of non-enzymatic protein modification: modulation of protein structure and function"

Acción COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research): Action TD1304 Zinc-Net: the Network for the Biology of Zinc


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Patent applications:

- "Protein tag for endo-lysosomal localization and degradation". D. Pérez-Sala, P. Boya, K, Stamatakis. P200802721. September 25, 2008.

- "Compounds with 2-cyclopentenone structure as inhibitors of ALR family enzymes". D. Pérez-Sala, B. Díez. P201030449. March 25, 2010.

Participation in:

- EU COST Action CM1001: Chemistry of non-enzymatic protein modification- modulation of protein structure and function.

- Red de Reacciones Adversas a Alergenos y Fármacos (RIRAAF) RETIC ISCIII. RD12/0013/0008