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Our lab focuses in the use of chemical tools including nanoparticles to understand biological processes in pathological conditions and help to select efficient therapeutic agents against these disorders.

We have currently three open research lines:

1.Quantum Dots for the Understanding of Neurodegenerative Diseases

2.Design and Discovery of New Drugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases

3. Cell Penetrating Peptides for Drug Delivery

Among other materials, we use Quantum Dots (QDs) as luminescent particles to visualize molecular targets and monitor enzymatic activity. QDs offer a great potential to study biological systems due to their optimal photoluminescent properties and their versatility of conjugation to different biomolecules. Parallely, we work with peptides for different applications including cell-penetrating systems and conjugation to nanoparticles.

Research at the group




As Principal Investigator:

-2018-2021- Junior Leader Position la Caixa. PI

Project title: Multiplexed Quantum Dot Immunoassay for the Improved Selection of Therapeutic Candidates for Motoneuron Diseases. 

305.000 €

-2019-2022- Investigation on hybrid molecules as powerful novel therapeutic approaches for Multiple Sclerosis and myelin-related rare diseases. Co-PI with Dr. de Castro (I. Cajal-CSIC)

Fundación Ramón Areces

128.000 €

-2019-2021. Hope4ALS. CaixaImpulse. PI

Project title: Recovering TDP43 homeostasis with small molecules: a ray of hope for ALS therapy

70.000 €

-2019-2021. Research Europe 2019. PI

Project title: Financial aid for grant proposal preparation: Multicolour molecular profiling of neurodegenerative diseases with quantum dots

9.000 €

As Participant:

-2018-2021-ELA_Madrid. Participant. PI: Dr. Martinez (CIB-CSIC)

Project title:Design and Development of innovative drugs for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

767.395 €

-2019-2022. TUBINTRAIN. Tuning Tubulin Dynamics and Interactions to Face Neurotoxicity: a Multidisciplinary Approach for Training and Research, Participant. PI: Dr. Díaz (CIB-CSIC)

3.409.972,92 € H2020-MSCA-ITN-2019





More info


November 2020. Webinar for students, drug discovery

November 2019: Workshop for students, synthesis of acetaminophen

October 2019: Becari@s knowledge Day

February 2019: Interview with Nobbot, read it here (only available in Spanish)


Group News

October 2020: Elena Caballero, receives a Jae Intro fellow!

October 2019: Alicia Avis, joins our group, as a Jae Intro fellow, Welcome

September 2019: Carlota is awarded with the Best Poster award at Prague-Weizman School on Drug Discovery!! Congrats!!! 

August 2019: Oscar Gutiérrez joins our lab to work and design cell penetrating peptides. Welcome, Oscar!

July 2019: Congrats to our Master's and undergrad students Jan, Isabel D, Isabel B, Rebeca and Nerea for finishing their studies. Best hopes for your future in science!

June 2019: Carlota is awarded FPU 4 year fellowship to perform her PhD, Outstanding achievement, congrats!

February 2019: Jan Pfeiffer, Isabel Delgado and Isabel Barrena join the group as undergrad and master's students. Welcome all!

December 2018: We receive an award from the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy together with the Translational Medicinal and Biological Chemistry group! Check it here, link to CIB news post.

December 2018: Rebeca París joins the group as a student. Welcome, Rebeca!