The Department of Structural and Chemical Biology's mission is to generate fundamental knowledge on the molecular mechanisms of life and translate it into resources for global well-being, in line with the pillars of the CIB Margarita Salas strategic plan. We combine structural, molecular, cellular, synthetic, and chemical biology approaches to study and reconstitute the interactions governing the assembly of cellular machines and key molecular recognition events. These integrative efforts will provide the insights to understand, target, and potentially reprogram essential processes; they will also shed light on the complexity of the cellular organization. Besides, our research program aims at deciphering dysfunctions in certain human pathologies and engineering microbial (and synthetic) systems to provide novel solutions to relevant societal challenges. Our research also involves developing and applying advanced front-line technologies to set the basis for assembling integrated platforms on protein science and drug screening. In addition, we are highly committed to organizing advanced training programs in frontier disciplines related to the scientific agenda of the department.