The BACFITERed Network is a collaborative initiative that promotes the exploitation of novel, distinct and unconventional bacteria-based approaches to develop therapeutic alternatives for the treatment of highly prevalent human diseases. We will take advantage of the molecular co-evolution of bacteria with their host, and together with up to date synthetic biology strategies, will aim to propose powerful therapeutic alternatives to (i) cancer; (ii) respiratory disorders and (iii) bacterial infections. To achieve these ambitious tasks, the team members is formed by 10 top research groups with a whole range of skills (microbiology, immunology, computational biology, synthetic biology) will combine their complementary expertise in an additive manner.

The objectives of the BACFITERed Network are: to develop ongoing collaborations; to promote, generate, develop and disseminate novel synergies and collaborative actions.

Actions will be focused on engineering probiotics and bacterial vehicles for anti-cancer and anti-microbial therapy. Bacteria will be used as anti-microbial agents “per se” or as source of anti-microbial biomaterials, and we will exploit the bacterial-host interplay to develop antimicrobial and anti-cancer therapies. For this purposes, communication and dissemination of the knowledge on bacteria-based biomedical applications will be promoted by: (1) organization of 5 Network scientific meetings; (2) favouring the mobility of personnel between the Network laboratories; (3) creation of a Network web page highlighting achievements on the field of bacteria-based therapeutic strategies for biomedical use; (4) organization of an international meeting under the topic “Use of bacteria for the benefit of human health”.

The BACFITERed network will generate an excellent platform to face current and future challenges on the use of bacteria for the benefit of human health, by developing rational, multidisciplinary and competitive approaches in a collaborative fashion.